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Don't Risk Foreign Object Contamination in your Final Product.

Detectapro is a supplier of metal detectable products used by companies in support of quality control efforts. Detectapro products help to reduce foreign objects contamination. All Detectapro products adhere to the BRC8 Section requirement regarding small parts. Unlike our competitors, all our products are molded without metal springs or other small parts that could separate from the detectable body during usage. Other items such as detectable cable ties, markers, scrapers, knives or key hole tags all comply to section and have no small parts.

Reasons for implementing metal detectable products range from companies following HACCP, or GMP or in the implementation of a six sigma program. Our products are primarily designed for use in the food processing or pharmaceutical manufacturing industries, but can be used in support of any effort to reduce foreign objects contamination.

All companies using metal detection or X-Ray equipment in efforts to inspect for foreign objects contamination are candidates for Detectapro products. Detectapro is dedicated to developing and introducing new metal detectable products to the industry, and works closely with users in such development. Manufacturers are providing more ready to use products, increasing the processing component of the product, ultimately increasing the chances of foreign objects contamination. Foreign object contamination can be detrimental to a companies reputation, leading to costly recalls or expensive litigation. Detectapro would like to work with your company in achieving a reduction in foreign objects contamination.

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